Before starting

SplinterRents is the rental service that maximizes your Return on Assets (ROA) while reducing your time spent on renting out cards. The SplinterRents bot has its own algorithm to decide at which prices your cards should be listed. Our algorithm is finding a fine balance between renting out a card at the highest possible price, while not letting it sit idle on the rental market for too long.

To use SplinterRents you would need at least the following:

  • A Hive/Splinterlands account of which you own the keys (Splinterlands spellbook is not necessary) 
  • At least 1 Splinterlands card
  • Hive Power (HP), depending on the number of cards (a good indication would be 10 HP per 100 cards) 

If you are new to all this, you can sign up to Splinterlands via this link
If you only need a Hive account, you can find multiple ways to do so online.
Once you have a Hive/Splinterlands account, Splinterlands cards can be bought in different markets such as:
splinterlands.com / peakmonsters.com / monstermarket.io / cardauctionz.com

Once you have given posting authority and signed yourself up (see getting started for more info), SplinterRents will rent out all eligible cards in the account that you have signed up with. As SplinterRents will rent out all eligible cards in the account, we advise having a separate “rental account”. Especially if you also want to play the game.
Note that it may take up to 10 minutes before your cards are listed on the market for the first time.

Now it is time for you to do what you like to do most, while SplinterRents is generating passive income for you!

When you give posting authority to another Hive account, the Hive account that received the posting authority can do posting transactions on your behalf with their own posting key.


With the posting key, SplinterRents can place your cards on the RENTAL market, delegate cards, and combine cards.
SplinterRents will solely use the posting authority to place your cards on the rental market, cancel rentals and adjust rental prices.
As we don’t want to have a database full of private posting keys that could be hacked, granting posting authority is the safest way to make use of a rental service. The posting authority can always be revoked by you at any time if you decide to not use the SplinterRents service anymore.

It is good to know that we are still developing this service. It isn’t perfect yet; we are working on improvements and already have some next steps in mind. So your feedback is more than welcome!

  • At this moment, SplinterRents will rent out all your available cards in the account by default.
    Meaning that any card owned by you and that is not listed for sale, delegated out, or on cooldown, will be put on the rental market. Cards that are already on the rental market will stay there and SplinterRents will update the price.
    You can make SplinterRents ignore cards by excluding them. More on that in “after starting” section.

  • Renting out cards and managing those cards frequently to obtain the best results means a lot of transactions.
    On the Hive blockchain, you require Recourse Credits (RC), obtained by staking Hive Power (HP), to do transactions.
    At this moment we would recommend having about 10 HP per 100 cards SplinterRents is managing.

  • In case you have made some changes to your collection, you can use the update function to make sure SplinterRents is aware of your changes. These changes include adding new cards, combining cards, removing cards that are for sale etc.

The rental prices are constantly changing. To make sure you get the right balance between getting the highest price for your card and renting it out as fast as possible, you need to both manage your rental cards frequently and know the rental market.
As most people do not have or want to spend a lot of time in managing their rental cards, those cards are not living up to their potential. As a result, we see that SplinterRents users see a significant increase in revenue and free time.

You will be invoiced 5% of the rental income you receive generated via SplinterRents.
As you are paid in DEC for renting out your cards, we will invoice you in DEC as well.
The amount of DEC you are invoiced, does not change regardless of DEC price fluctuations.
We ask you to pay the invoices at least once a week.

Giving posting authority doesn’t give SplinterRents the ability to transfer value out of your account.
Therefore we ask you to send the DEC you are invoiced to the account: splinterrents.

Every day you receive an invoice including a link to our website where you can pay the fee.
You can also send the DEC either in-game or via Hive Engine (or other front-ends).

Signing up and starting to earn your passive income is done in 3 steps:

  • Register your hive account to your discord
  • Give posting authority to the hive account: splinterrents
  • Join our discord and configure your settings via the discord bot

Welcome to SplinterRents!

In the getting started page, you can find an elaborate explanation for each step.

After starting

It can take up to 10 minutes for your cards to get listed on the rental market after you have activated your account. ($activate account name)
There can be some reasons why this is not happening:

  • You don’t have enough resource credits (RC) on your account
  • There are 1 or more cards on cooldown
  • You created a brand new hive account. In this case you should play at least 1 match in ranked play on the splinterlands website (no spellbook is required), before splinterlands recognizes your account
  • You did not give posting authority

Every 3 hours, SplinterRents will automatically check your account for new cards. Therefore, it may take up to 3 hours before SplinterRents will list your new cards on the rental market.

To make sure your cards will be listed as soon as possible once they are on your rental account, you can use the $update function in the private conversation with the SplinterRents bot. After updating, your new cards will be listed within 5 minutes. Note that you can only update 3 times every 3 hours.

By default, cards that are worth 0.1 dec a day, or less, are not listed. If the card can be rented out for more than 0.1 dec, SplinterRents will list the card.

You can use the $minimumprice account name setting in the SplinterRents bot to set a minimum price from which you think it is worth it to list your cards on the rental market. If you rather save some RC than rent out cards for more than 0.1 dec, it might be a good idea to change the setting to a higher amount.

You can just cancel your rentals and do with your cards whatever you want, these canceled cards are temporarely ignored by SplinterRents. Every 3 hours SplinterRents updates your account. If your canceled cards are canceled for more than you $ignoretime (by default 3 hours) while updating, they will be automatically listed on the rental market again.
Alternatively, you can use the $update function to skip the wait and get everything listed as soon as you are done with your non-rental transactions. As you can only use the $update function 3 times every 3 hours, you can also manually list cards on the rental market that you have canceled. SplinterRents will pick it up from there, without the need to use the $update function.

You should use the $update function in the following cases:

  • You have combined cards and want to have those listed on the rental market right away
  • You accidentally canceled cards that you want listed again
  • You have new cards in your rental account that need to be listed

Good to know: using the $update function takes 5 minutes.

There are two options if your RC is running out.

Firstly, you can reduce the amount of RC required for SplinterRents.
Increase the $cycletime so SplinterRents updates your prices less often. In addition, you can increase the $minimumprice so fewer cards will be listed. The minimum price setting is relevant for cards that are not listed yet as well as cards that are listed below the new minimum price. Those listed cards won’t have a price update until it is worth more than your minimum price.

Secondly, you can get more RC by powering up HP / renting HP / requesting a delegation. Renting hive can be done via dlease. Requesting a free delegation can be done via giftgiver.

If your RC is at or close to 0%/your minimum RC setting, SplinterRents can’t do any transactions for you and you are most likely missing out on rental income.

Every day the SplinterRents bot will send you an overview of your account(s) performance in the invoice.
In addition to that, you can request a status update with the $status function.

Every day you receive an invoice including a link to our website where you can pay the fee.
You can also send the DEC either in-game or via Hive Engine (or other front-ends) to the account: splinterrents.

IMPORTANT: send the DEC from an account that you have also added with the $add function.
Paying from another account that is not linked to you, will mean the balance due will not be reduced.

We ask everyone to pay their invoices at least once every 7 days.

The invoice we send via Discord is an embedded message. 
It can be the case that your settings do not allow you to view embedded messages.
To fix this, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to user settings ->
  • Go to Text & images ->
  • Enable “show embeds and preview website links pasted into chat”

You can deactivate your account(s) at any given time using the $deactivate function.
When you deactivate an account, all cards will be removed from the rental market.
Once you are ready to use the service again, you can simply use the $activate function to get your cards listed on the market.

Sad that you are considering to stop using SplinterRents. We would appreciate your feedback, so feel free to let us know why you consider stopping!

Revoking the posting authority can be done via the Posting Authority section.

You can simply reach out to us in Discord, we are always willing to help!