Getting started

Getting started


Within a couple of minutes you can set up your account and start collecting your passive income! Follow the steps below to get started. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our Discord server!
Note that the words in italics, such as referralcode or account_name are placeholders.

0. Enter our Discord server

1. Meet our friendly SplinterRents Discord bot

Send “$help” to the SplinterRents discord bot. You can find the bot in the member list. If you can’t chat with the discord bot, try going to privacy settings and changing the “allow direct messages from server members” setting. Your private chat with the SplinterRents bot is the place where you can configure your own settings, see your status and get your invoices.

2. Register your Discord account

Send “$register referralcode” to the SplinterRents bot. If you don’t have a referral code, you can simply send “$register”. The referral code is obtained by your referrer by sending “$referralcode” to the SplinterRents bot. If you know some people you think would benefit from this service, make sure you share your referral code with them. For every referee, you get 5% of the amount they pay in fees as long as your referee uses SplinterRents!

3. Grant posting authority

For us to put your cards on the rental market and manage them, we need to have Posting Authority on your account. This can be done conveniently on our website.

4. Add you Splinterland account(s)

Send $add account name to add your rental account. Repeat this step to add another rental account.

If you also play with your account, first exclude the cards you play with as described below under the “card management commands” section.

5. Activate the account(s)

Send “$activate account name” to the SplinterRents bot. This will activate your account and SplinterRents will start taking care of your rental cards.



SplinterRents offers many settings to customize your automated rental experience. Adjust your cycle time to match it to your RC using the $cycletime command, or request the status of your account using $status to name a few examples. See the explanation of all commands below! 

Start commands

$register referralcode

Register to be include in our database. You only need to do this once.

$add account_name

Add your hive_account that contains your Splinterlands assets you want to put for rent. You can add multiple accounts.

$remove account_name

If you accidentally added the wrong account, you can remove it with this call. Make sure the account is not already activated.

$activate account_name

After you have giving posting authority to Splinterrents, you can activate your account. Note that it is possible to change settings before activating, however it will already have decent default settings. Therefore, you could just activate right after you added your account!

$deactivate account_name

When you want to leave, which would be sad, you can deactivate your account. This will cancel all your current rentals as well. Therefore, if you only want to temporarily pause your account, you can use the $pause function, more about this below.

General commands

$update account_name

Trigger an update after you added or bought new cards. You should see your new cards listed within 10 minutes.


Here you can observe your current settings and statistics about your account, for instance how much you have totally earned while using Splinterrents.


Refer your friends and earn extra!

This will return your own referralcode, which you can share to other friends and people to give them an opportunity at our amazing service. In return you will earn 5% of all the fees your referrals pay to Splinterrents.

$pause account_name

Pause rental transactions performed by Splinterrents, while not cancelling any of your cards. We will still track and ask fees of the rental revenue made by your account.

$resume account_name

When you want to unpause the bot

Setting commands

$cycletime account_name = 60

The cycle time indicates how many minutes SplinterRents waits until it changes all the prices. Short cycles mean more RC consumption. The default cycle time is 60 minutes.

$minimumprice account_name = 1

Cards with lower renting prices (in DEC) than the minimumprice will not be listed or updated. This saves your sparse resource credits.

$minimumRC account_name = 10

Transactions are only executed if RC is above this minimumRC threshold (in %). Default is set at 10%. This way Splinterrents can never completely drain your RC, and you are always able to do other transactions on the Hive blockchain.

$noncancel account_name = G0 G1

Normally, cards will be checked on the end of every day of a rent. If the potential or current price on the market is higher, it will cancel the rent, and update the price. However, some older cards or gold cards may not be rented fast enough. Therefore, it can be more profitable to not cancel a current rent, and wait till the whole rent is finished. The example shows how G0 and G1 is set as noncancel, where G stands for Gold and 0 and 1 respectively for Alpha and Beta editions. If you want to do this for all cards, one should send $noncancel account_name = all

$ignoretime account_name = 3

When cards are manually cancelled (for instance in Peakmonsters of Splinterlands), cards will be ignored for this amount of hours (by default 3) after the rent is finished, before Splinterrents will try to list it for rent again. This would be convenient to use if you want to sell, play or combine the cards, it is even better to exclude the cards via the $exclude function.

Card management commands

The exclude functions let you exclude specific cards that will never be rented out by SplinterRents as long as they are excluded. There are two ways to do this, one, $exclude, is more manual and preferred if you only want to exclude one or two cards, while the other enables to exclude many cards simultaneously.

$exclude account_name = C2-114-ZVZY9GFWW0 C5-273-R98ZUGXDS0

This is a useful function if you want to exclude a few cards to play with or cards you want to combine in the near future for example. In the image below you can see an example of cards that are excluded. If you exclude additional cards, those will be added to the exclusion list. In the example above this means that 2 cards were excluded. You can also include cards again if necessary. This can be done with the include function which works the same as the exclude function. On top of that, you can also include all cards again. Once done excluding and/or including cards, use the $update account name to make sure the changes are registered.

$include account_name = all

You should use this whenever you want to include all of your cards again. If you want to change the exclude status of many cards, we recommend you to use the $collection method below.

$collection account_name

In case you have multiple cards that you want to exclude (for example if you use the same account to play), you can use the $collection account_name function. There is also a $collection2 function. This is because some computers have different settings. If you don’t get a proper excel file with $collection, try using $collection2. This function provides you with a .CSV file that contains your collection. In the first column, you can select cards that need to be excluded by placing an “x”. You can use excel sort functions to make life easier, for instance sort by the “level” row. Once you have selected all the cards you want to exclude, save the file (don’t change the file name!) and send it to the SplinterRents discord bot. After sending the file, use the $update account_name function to register the changes (this takes 5 minutes). In the example above, line 13 – 22 are excluded and SplinterRents will not rent out those cards.

$collection2 account_name

Same as above, but semicolon separated instead of comma. Use this when opening the CSV file from $collection does not work.